AMAZING!!! We are so blessed to be in this wonderful rural village. The people, especially the children, are so friendly and happy to spot us mazungas! We already have many friends who visit nightly for dinner and sweeties. We have had the privilege to attend one birth so far. We were woken in the middle of the night by the night guard (complete with bow and arrow) to attend the birth of a grandmultip (being her 8th baby)!! It was certainly exciting... after 8 babies the uterus likes to bleed. The clinic has been very busy, treating mostly malaria (around 60people a day). With the money we raised at our fundraiser we were able to buy hundreds of dollars worth of medication upon our arrival in Kampala which has been going to use very quickly! Though we love the little clinic, we have been in search of more births happening in the area and just secured ourselves a volunteer midwifery placement in the maternity ward of a nearby hospital. We are so excited and will wake up early for our shift in the morning since we have to catch a boda boda for the 30 min bumpy ride to get to the hospital. Did we mention its the rainy season...

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